Present Day

Sarah Jacobs- Victoria Wetherington

Sharon Jacobs- Jennifer Holliday


Giselle Gooding-Claire Lord

Edmond Reece- Travis Young

Lavinia Peterson/Old Mag: Kendall Gibson

Jacob Moorehead- Jacob Smith 

Millicent Moorehead- Jacqueline Silva

Stephen Cooper: Griffin Stanley

Dr. Cecil Holmes- Dr. Daniel Scarantino

Annabella Holmes- Sarah Matlow

William Cooper- Scott Mock

Youth Company


Emily Wentworth- Lila Knowlton

Amelia Collins- Leigh Proctor

Victoria Jane Peters- Cecilia Malley

Margaret Meadford- Peyton Bradford

Fiona Smythe-Ariel Coleman

Anna Stevenson- Micaela Mercado


Ending Song: Weep You No More- The Daisy Chain



Written by: Naomi Rose Mock

Edited and Mixed: Emma Finnegan


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