Murder University:


Dean William Hardy- John Campana

Mrs Donna Westwood- Dorothea Syleos

Captain Dwayne Royce- Michael Mello

Johnny Bourdian- Bo Smith

Lonnie Walters- Angel Adamas

Ginnie Callihan-Colleen Towey

Heather Martens- Ana Belen

Patrick Mooghan- Hayden Palmer

Jessica Jacobs- Anna Maguire

Honey Simpson- Ashleigh Littlefield

Wayne Collins-Blake Stallings

Nicholas Cameron-Ben Miller

Sharon McConnel- Claire Lord

Melissa Coffee- Kendall Gibson

Mitch Langford-Brogan Wikarek

Wilson Gray-Brandon Young


Janitor Jack- John Campana

Donna Westward- Dorothea Syleos

Dwayne Royce-Michael Mello

Danny Stone- Bo Smith

Harry Connors-Angel Adamas

Jennifer Joyce- Colleen Towey

Jeffrey Mooghan- Hayden Palmer

Becky Bowers- Anna Maguire

Isabella San Martin- Ana Belen

Sugar Potts- Ashleigh Littlefield

Shane Towers- Blake Stallings

Stephen Calhoun- Ben Miller

Meriel O’Leary- Claire Lord

Rachael Coffee- Kendall Gibson

Tip Rogans- Brogan Wikarek

Theodore Brown- Brandon Young


Ending Song: Endless Night- The Daisy Chain


Written by: Naomi Rose Mock

Edited and Mixed: Emma Finnegan

Music and SFX from:

Free music for non-commercial use from

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